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👉 Check out our Aluminium Composite Panels!

👀 Looking for some materials to decorate your caravan? We've got the just right material for you! ✨✨✨

👉 Check out our Aluminium Composite Panels!

🔥🔥🔥 HURRY! It's on HOT SALE!!!

ALMANCO® Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Application Example:

Caravan—Interior applications, for example, caravan ceilings & walls

Colour: Black, White, Silver, Charcoal

Coat: Gloss or Matt

Standard Size: 1220 * 2440mm (Full sheet)

Available thickness: 3mm / 0.21mm Skin

Aluminium Composite Panel will be a good choice for:

 ✅ Excellent Torsion Strength

 ✅ Easy Processing and Installation

 ✅ Excellent Impact Resistance

 ✅ Excellent Weather Resistance

 ✅ Even coating & Smooth Surface

 ✅ Easy to Maintain

Common uses of Aluminium Composite Panel:



 👉Vinyl Wrap

 👉Decorative Screens

 👉Trailer Cladding



 👉Residential Structure


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