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PVC Foam Board VS Plywood

Updated: Jan 10

The range of building materials is expanding as more individuals recognize alternatives. PVC foam panels, for instance, are emerging as a superior substitute for conventional options like plywood and are increasingly favored for various industry uses.

Constructed mainly from a substance called polyvinyl chloride, PVC foam panels have versatile applications. They are ideal for crafting furniture, serving as construction elements, and creating impactful advertising displays. Their appeal lies in their lightweight yet robust nature, along with their resistance to dampness and decay.

1. Moisture Resistance: PVC Foam Board remains unaffected by moisture and humidity, ensuring longevity and durability. While plywood struggles with moisture. It can swell, warp, and even rot, requiring additional treatments to maintain its integrity.

2. Strength-to-Weight Ratio: The lightweight nature of our PVC Foam Board, about 550kg/m3 in density makes it easy to handle while maintaining structural integrity. It is an excellent choice in scenarios where lighter materials are preferred, and extreme structural strength it not the primary requirement.

3. Eco-Friendly: Committed to environmental responsibility, PanelsWorld ensures that our PVC Foam Boards are recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint associated with their use. Plywood often sourced from trees, the production of plywood can have a greater environmental footprint.

4. Aesthetic Flexibility: The smooth surface of PVC Foam Board is ready-to-use without the need for further finishing. It can be easily painted, printed, and laminated to meet aesthetic requirements, whereas plywood typically requires sanding, sealing, or painting to achieve a finished look, adding to your workload.

5. Durability and Maintenance: Resistant to insects, termites, and mold, our PVC Foam Board does not succumb to warping or delamination under strenuous conditions – a known limitation of plywood.

6. Versatility: From signage to construction, PVC Foam Board is easy to cut and shape, allowing for intricate designs and applications where plywood would be less feasible.


PVC foam board application in furniture (cabinet, wardrobe and screen)

PVC foam board application in caravans (both used as the body frame and the connection parts for drilling and nailing)

Things You Need to Know:

· Everywhere that can get in touch with water can be replaced by PVC.

· The processing method of PVC is very similar like wood. It is easier to cut.

· Our updated PVC foam boards have naturally fine cutting edge, not porous to the naked eyes.

Your Projects Deserve the Best

Whether you are building something new or replacing existing structures, PanelsWorld PVC Foam Boards are the smart choice for projects that last. Take a look at our rage from 3mm to 25mm thickness and discover a world of possibilities.


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